Domain names are fundamental building blocks and components of the Internet, and as such, serve as the electronic equivalent of your company's storefront and location. The better the location the easier it is to remember the domain; the easier it is to type it in; the better the domain fits your product, company, or service, the easier it will be for your customers to find you online. 

Without a great domain, your customers and prospects might not be able to find you on the Internet. With a poorly selected domain, it may be challenging for potential customers to find you at all. With the right domain, it will be much easier for customers and prospects alike to locate your business.  

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The domain of interest is either your first choice (a perfect match to the name you want), and may even be your second or third choice. If the domain is your first choice, you're extremely lucky to have found the right name and know what you want! You may have discovered that the domain you initially wanted is owned, unavailable, and there's no chance the owner will ever sell the domain for less than six, perhaps seven, figures. Although you likely won't be making that kind of investment today, you're contemplating whether or not you want to spend the asking price for this specific domain. Consider this: it's probable you're not the only person who has contemplated buying the exact domain you're interested in, which means at some point someone else may attempt to purchase the same domain name from you in the future. What does all of this mean? An investment in a domain name today will likely be worth more tomorrow. 

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